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Look, I know back early on post release there was an outcry for more 'sexy' gear (for males especially), and it's awesome that you guys are listening to community demands, but enough is enough.

We've gotten to the point where this stuff is seriously oversaturated, and introducing more items of a similar nature - or a different colour - just isn't worth it right now. And on the rare occasion we do get a new model for armor involving even an inch of exposed flesh, it's way too excessive. Where are simple low-cut tops, or v-neck shirts? Maybe even just a tunic with short sleeves, or a halter top look chestpiece instead? We're not all hormonal 13 year olds, but more variety can be done with showing skin then what we've currently got, and in more creative ways that might actually find some circulation in the in-game market. 15 odd pages of dancer's gear pieces should be indicative that we're just not interested in any more of this gear right now - there's no demand for it.
For females we have...

Slave Bikini (1 variation)
Imperial Dancer (no variations)
Dancer Top (3 or 4 variations)
Relaxed Outfit (1 variation)

Those variations are color variations (except for Relaxed Outfit which had some slight tweaks), now made a bit useless by dye packs.

You're seeing an abundance of them on the market because they're common and actually dropped like common items, unlike Relaxed Jumpsuit, which was common, yet dropped like a Rare (seriously, I got more +41 Power Crystals and Rare Jawagrams than I got of Relaxed Jumpsuit, which equaled a total of 1 and I got ahold of multiple packs)

Males have...

Relaxed Outfit (1 variation)

Then of course there's the Covert Energy Armor.

I wouldn't call a few of the midriff showing outfits as skimpy, but they number around 3 or 4 with variations.

So basically we have about 9 outfits out of 100+ that are skimpy or show the tummy. I wouldn't call that over saturated.

As a side note: Scarlet Blade isn't a good example, as it's not trying to be anything but what it is when it comes to the costumes. Going to Scarlet Blade and then complaining about skimpy outfits is missing the point of the game.
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