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06.07.2013 , 12:10 AM | #5807
I had my ticket submitted since the 2nd and had updated it when my guilds were disbanded and when I found out about the FAQs change and expressed my annoyance.

Also posting on here in several threads might have helped too though I'm not too sure.

Maybe submit a thread or reply in one of the threads already started in the Customer Service forum too.

In my ticket I gave details of the characters who were the GM (we had a Rep and Imp side guild), how many tabs we had opened on each side and when I disbanded the guilds and details of the guilds on our new server (server we were on, character name of the GM)

I assume they confirm your guild on the old server has been disbanded beforehand to stop the risk of you ending up with your old guild moving over in the merge and you having access to more bank tabs.

Anyway came home from work and found the tabs had been restored =)
Hope you get yours sorted soon =)
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