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You got what you wanted... There aren't enough apac players so they did what needed to be done. I fail to see how they have wronged you when you demand they fix the population...
I just want to clarify a few things here. After seeing how much greener the grass is in other games, SWTOR has failed me in more ways than one. I have a complete lack of confidence in this game and I may play it very casually in the future under the F2P model but for now, I am not contributing a single cent more to this train wreck.

Now lets compare SWTOR to Rift...

Customer Service

Besides the lack of communication initially in this thread, I had an unpleasant experience with BW CS over the phone. I had to call an international number and I spoke to someone who wasn't that helpful and who's English was poor. I had problems with authenticating my account and they blamed me for it. After about 20 minutes the muppet worked out it was a restriction they put on my account. GG BW/EA!!

I called Rift CS regarding getting the security on my account changed. I called a LOCAL number from Sydney and spoke to a CS representative in Dallas. He spoke clear English and even asked me how the weather was. He was most friendly and apologised due to the inconvenience of me having to call them. I felt very satisfied by contacting them.

Server Transfers

SWTOR is implementing this very poorly!!!! I have now been on 3 SWTOR servers due to previous servers being shut down. And before all the fan boys flame me about the APAC player base, we got the players, just EA/BW failed to deliver content etc etc etc... infact this shouldn't even be discussed here... their own failings drew the players away. OH AND SERVER TRANSFERS COST YOU MONEY!!!! The current transfer system sucks

Rift allow you to transfer any of your characters once per week to any ruleset of servers and all you have to do is log into the game, click transfer, select your shard, then type "transfer" to confirm. Under their F2P model they have mentioned they still may keep this free which is great!!!

Game Engine

SWTOR is well... bad. Dont blame my PC either, it runs everything great. Loading screens are slow, world PVP just cant happen, you cant even have more than 16 players in a WZ as the engine is bad.They cant even implement speach bubbles, plus lots of other things that have been mentioned over and over in other posts.

Rift loads in minimum time, you can even multibox if you are one of those that like that kind of thing. I can run the game in Ultra mode with nil issues. PvP can have tonnes of players running around without the game dropping to <10 FPS.

Cross Server Integration

Well SWTOR sucks... no x server PVE instances or PvP warzones... see point above regarding bad game engine.

Rift is awesome, cross server war fronts, raids, dungeons, you can even visit shards etc where you have friends.

F2P Model

SWTOR is terrible. Its pay to play (enable run, actions bars etc etc) and the Cartel Market is a complete rip off.

Coming June 12 and it looks awesome!!! Pretty much everything is on offer with only a few minor restrictions but NO WHERE NEAR as restrictive as SWTOR

I could go on and on and on. I think the biggest problem with SWTOR is that Electronic Arts, the company voted the worlds worst company 2 years in a row is behind this game. EA only care about one thing and that is money. After going back to Rift recently and seeing just how awesome the game is and how generous TRION have been with RAPTR rewards and the recent announcement of their F2P model.... SWTOR is just a major turn off for me now... Im really sad that I now feel the way I do about SWTOR. This game had so much potential but it's just been ruined for me.

Anyways feel free to flame me abuse me or whatever. I wont be replying as I think I have to pay for that. My game time ends tomorrow.


<3 Chippy

PS!!! Thanks to everyone that has made this thread awesome!!! IT IS THE MOST DISCUSSED THREAD SINCE LAUNCH and will be a constant reminder of how things can go wrong and how a community can unite as one and try and take on the cash driven Electronic Arts!!! Thanks for your support!!! Haters gonna hate but to the rest of you, thanks again!

PPS i'm Chipy@seastone in rift.