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I laugh that people are now crying about the lag and blaming Bioware. You are the same people that wanted transfers!
Oh really, pull up a single quote where I have ever said I was unhappy with how things were - good luck with that as you wont find one.

Next time, try actually thinking before putting your mouth in gear.

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OMG u guy's are idiots......quitting Swtor for other MMO' do realize their the same ping will get 150-400ms on EVERY MMO!!!!!! jesus lol

and ppl crying lag is so bad you cant play.....i left APAC for Harbinger 6 months ago, I do pve endgame and rated pvp fine with almost no lag...*** are u on about with this super delay and stuff??? have u never played a MMO before, the experience your now getting is the same as EVERY MMO EVER MADE.......omg lol
Yes, I was never getting 20ms lag on Gav Daragon. Oh wait, yes I was - right before the transfer.