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06.06.2013 , 05:50 PM | #1
When I first played SWTOR over a year ago, and went from 1 to 50 a couple times, I felt that we received access to our keystone ability at the top of our tree at about the right time. Some classes are more defined by their keystone skills than others, such as Force Exhaustion for (somewhat mitigated lately) or the Shadow tanking keystone skill which is hugely important to them.

Now that the cap has been raised to 55, and a new tier of skills have been slipped in underneath...It feels like it takes FOREVER to achieve mastery. I think the whole flow of the levelling process is disrupted, and it's especially agonizing when many of the newly added talents (all of them passives), tend to be geared specifically towards skill I won't learn until 50+. I used to look forward to Hoth or Belsavis as around the time I was really playing with my complete tree. Now, it's just more of a grind, and it feels like I won't be 'complete' since nearly Corellia.

Anyone else feel similarly?