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I'd say the Consular.
Hands down.

It has such a team essence to it, your companions seem more important than Knight, the people who you represent, fight for, are some of the most Influencial alive.
What you do is astounding, act 1 is good, 2 is political, diplomatic, fun. Act 3 is the best act on the republic side, second to none, equal with the Agent story.

I dont know why all the insults to it, its a love or hate thing, and i <3 it.

After that?
2) Smuggler
3) Trooper
4) Knight

Knight and trooper are about equal, i didnt like the knight story, it was Revan story over again.
It was exactly the revan story.

I did it 8 years ago, and thats why it's so low for me.
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