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This we noted back a few months ago, but we have yet to get it for us subscribers, what gives BW?

I had done a search for "free name change" in the forum search but every link that was in old post that showed them saying this have been replaced with new links. So, don't have a links for you but if you do the same search, i can assure you that they did post that subscribers were so post to get a free name change.

Here the best one i found, so from now on I'm just going to have to screen shot the information they post because they seem to go back on their word often.

Take advantage of a number of new Convenience Services that further enhance your gameplay experience. You can individually purchase the ability to change each of the following in the Consumables section of the Cartel Market:

Character Rename
Legacy Rename
Guild Rename
Escrow Deduction: If you are a Free-to-Play or Preferred Status Player who is at your credit cap, you can transfer credits from your Escrow (overflow) account to your game account. For more information, visit:

NOTE: Subscribers receive one free Character Rename. Not a Subscriber? Subscribe now.