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Chapter 26

After just a week of fighting as the commander of Havoc Squad, Jorgan was ready to give up and throw himself in a pit. Elara and Yuun made it easy enough on him, but Vik was an unending pain, and it was all Jorgan could do to curb HK-51's bloodlust. Prudii had been able to handle them so easily; Vik and Prudii had always had an agreement that as long as Vik did what he was told, Prudii would overlook his more questionable off-duty actions, to a certain degree. Prudii had been able to deal with HK-51 because...well, Prudii had been the droid's master. Jorgan wasn't.

Standing outside the safehouse on Quesh, Jorgan lamented coming to this planet again. But Black Sun had been spotted, so Garza had sent them out. Jorgan stood to the left side of the door, Yuun to the right. Elara, HK-51, and Forex stood back a few meters, weapons trained on the door. Vik quickly planted a breach charge on the door.

"Clear!" Vik said.

Jorgan tossed a grenade through the door and heard a muffled pop as the grenade detonated. There were also a few screams. He turned and charged in, rifle raised. Two guards lay dead on the ground, and there was a T-junction ahead.

"Elara, Yuun, Forex, take the left. HK-51, Vik, you're with me." Better to keep the troublemakers where he could see them. "Find the command center and download the contents of the main computer. Maybe we can find their primary base."

"Yes, sir," Elara replied.

They split off. Jorgan steadied his rifle, aiming it down the left-most corridor. Two guards came around the corner and Jorgan opened fire. He killed the first one, and then Jorgan ducked. HK-51's sniper rifle cracked, and the other guard dropped.

"Let's move," Jorgan said.

* * *

Jasin had been searching for over a week now, and had come up with hundreds–hundreds!–of worlds that fit the description of the one he'd seen in his vision. He groaned, stormed out of the conference room, and into the training room.

"T7!" he said. "Activate Training Module Aurek-Seven."

T7 beeped in confirmation and activated a hologram of five Imperial troopers appeared. Jasin spun, slashing his lightsaber blades. In seconds, all five lay on the ground in heaps. Jasin sighed, some of his stress burnt off.

"Okay," he said. "Now, I need to think logically."

Jedi = looking in wrong places. // Jedi = change search parameters.

"What do you mean?"

Revan = wouldn't choose planet at random. // Revan would choose planets = significance to his past.

Jasin slapped his forehead with an open palm. "Of course!"

He rushed back to the conference room and entered a new search parameter using all the planets he'd already found; he deleted all planets that didn't mention Revan in their historical databases. That left only ten possible planets.

"This is good," Jasin said. "I think we're on the right trail."