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Totally agree. The only people begging for this proposed 2.2 change are bads who don't know the right time and the wrong time to eat a stun. Occasionally, I make the same mistake, but thats what it is - a mistake, a user error.
lol implying i dont know how to use my cc breaker or that im a "bad", you know, you can't judge a book by it cover, but whatever man. keep on thinking what you want

i love it as all the people who is calling a "bad", didnt even try to go on the pts and test this new feature, but instantly went to the ignorant mob mentality and declare the new feature bad and anyone who like it "bad(s)"

you know what problem really is? my problem with bioware made this decision is 2 things..

1.they made their decision, not on the players who ACTUALLY play on the PTS, who can accurately state where the problem, but on the "experience", "good" or etc players who didnt even test the damn thing.

and after fully reading the thread that lead to bioware backpeddling from their decision

it seems most of the people that actually test all basically say "the problem isnt as bad as everyone says"

2.not trying to fix the resolve bar.

let be honest here, the resolve bar is broken, it is useless as it doesnt work properly and it constantly fail to fulfill it purpose. clearly this new feature was an attempt to fix this problem. so when the new feature apparently fail due to the fact /stuck option will be abused (im not oblivious to the reason why this new feature wont hit live btw), so instead of trying something new like i dont know, reduce a cc breaker CD or something, which IS THE PURPOSE of the new feature TO SOLVE THE STUNFEST, they just doing nothing (or going back to the drawing board i suppose). now that what irritate me more then them being bullied by the the uninformed masses, is the fact they arent temporary providing a substitute to the stunfest until they find a way to fix with the /stuck abused (which they could have removed the option within the pts to see how the new feature would have preform without the /stuck option, but of course that would have been too much effort)

look i get that they dont want another bolster failing backlash (which if you actually think about it, isnt the same case here. the naked bolster was test by alot of people which gave bioware tons of feedback by they either ignored, or fail to fix it. the stun breaker reset was tested by a few ranked pvp teams, who opinion was either ignored or considered not as valid as the hypothetical scenarios of those who didnt even test the death stun breaker resetter), however, DOING NOTHING imo is just as bad as the hypothetical potential abused bioware want to prevent.