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1. Dps meters - There needs to be a way to track dps. I'm not a math genius, so I can't keep track of the numbers as they fly by the screen and clock them into a spreadsheet for a 5 minutes span to see what my optimal rotation is. You can't figure out your full potential if you can't see your results.

2. Action bars - I have 2 in the middle, the 2 at the side are useless, why can't I just drag them to the center?! I use keybinds, but I've gotten so used to be able to actually see my spells without having to strain my neck to look over at them, that it's ubearable.

3. "Doodads" - This game is heavily based on the story/RP factor, yet...we can't sit in chairs? I have no drinking animation? There are no chat bubbles?

4.Global cooldowns - The GCD of all spells really needs to be lowered a little. If I'm not mistaken it's at a full second right now. It makes the combat choppy, when it wouldn't be otherwise. Lower it to .5 or even .75. Also, on a sidenote, my personal experience with spell that do not share GCD (interrupts/cooldowns spells), is that they just simply do not go off the first...second...or even third time I click them. I have to click like a lunatic to get it to even go off. I would have all these keybound btw, but my mouse is also apparently incompatable with the game.

Edit: 5. Target of target. There is far too much going on in any given group encounter that I can't possibly keep track of whether a mob is facing me or not, let alone if he is attacking me. I don't understand why this wasn't put in...I just don't.

TL;DR: I love the game, best pre-end game mmo experience I've ever had. However, if it's going to last, it is my PERSONAL opinion that it needs the above 5 changes.
1. Not needed, a good player will work out his "optimal rotation" regardless of dps meters being in or not.

2. Not needed, but would be nice to have moveable UI elements.

3. Not needed, would be nice to have but need... really?

4. Different game you need to give it time to become used to the feel of it, besides a couple of bugs I haven't felt clucnky playing yet

5. Actually agree with you on this ToT is very handy to have and I was surprised it wasn't in there.
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