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Okay, this is the most rubbish customer service ever experienced.

Originally, support articles told us that we would have our Guild Banks restored upon transfer by Customer Service so long as it was empty and screenshots were provided. This was done, and we were ready to transfer. We came over all last night, and midway through today they change the rules; guild banks will not be able to be re-granted by customer service on arrival.

I can understand consistent rules, but when the same page stated that we COULD restore guild banks and it was said in multiple places only for them to change it AFTER transfer I'm pretty disgusted. You forced us into this, Bioware, and we've lost our guild name, people and size. And you can't even restore a couple of guild banks.

We had two million credits donated for a third vault by a faithful guild member, and now you're TERRIBLE customer service team and poor communication will result in that being enough for only a bank on the Republic and Imperial side each. Have some perspective of who you're "consolidating," those players who still (God knows why) PAY YOU for Customer Service- well, we're hardly paying for content, given that comes all through the Cartel Market nowadays- and you give us not even our banks back in exchange, making it worse by contradicting what you earlier said. As a guild, we're really unhappy. As a person, I'm really unhappy and really again disgusted by this lack of customer service.

This was pretty much the only reason we didn't bother waiting for consolidation, and you throw it away.
Still irked about this for the other guilds who have been posting too, but I doubt Bioware will do anything. I'm giving them until tomorrow afternoon to do something about it but if not then I'll be reopening the banks. Don't think it's worth making our guild members suffer without bank vaults because of the pretty annoying/disgraceful change of policy made at the last minute.
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