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as anyone who play pvp knows that there is two things that is certain to happen in any match will inevitably die

2. you will be stun,root or hit with some ability that wont allow you to move

sometimes 2 will always lead to 1

bioware heard the many cry of MANY players to either nerf the stuns or do something to fix the issue.

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OK, im not that mad, but come on if you arent going to do the death cc breaker reset then make the resolve better or something. dont let us go to 2.2 and dont try to deal with this issue
Wrong. The "leet' PvPers are the ones who do double the damage dealt then you in every warzone. Stuns don't really adversely effect their performance. Please, team stun bubble is gone now THAT was an ugly stun fest.

Quote: Originally Posted by cycao View Post
There are better ways to help with CC. Changing how resolve drains when full, changing how over lapping stuns work, putting in a second bar to resolve which grants a small amount of imunnity to CC after a stun/mez ends.
This is how the issue should be addressed. From the very beginning, I thought the resolve system was great, but needed tweaking, especially in how fast it drains.
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