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12.21.2011 , 07:26 PM | #27
One question I have, and I'm very serious, is: why the hell does anybody NEED dps meters? Or macros? Or anything else like that?

I have 10 years of MMO experience and I've played a bunch of them. EVE Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Darkfall, World of Warcraft amongst a multitude... And not ONCE have I used any add-ons whatsoever. The only tool I ever used was "Raid Target Assist" so I could easily target a group member's target. But that's it. I didn't need a tool telling me which one of my teammates my target was attacking, I just *gasp* looked at who it was attacking. I never needed a threat meter either. If the mob was attacking me, I was doing a good job tanking, if it wasn't, I wasn't. Same goes for DPS. I mean after spending 65 levels playing my burg in lotro, at some. Point I just KNOW how to maximize my DPS output. Sure, might be useful for perfecting it, but I would hardly call it an absolute necessity.

Would combat logs be fun? Yes, they could be useful. I don't like dps meters though. More customizable U is a win for everybody of course.

But none of your suggestions are absolute needs like you seem to put it. If I can play without those tools, you can too.