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06.05.2013 , 04:41 PM | #397
Updates in. Welcome to the thread Merc fleet! I've closed the legacy part to new additions since it is old content. But your new progression is added.

I'm a little irked with BW about the endgame. I don't think they are putting their best effort into it, or really much of any effort. They came out with some great fights a year ago but let things go big time in Rise of the Daily Cartel. All I'm seeing is more and more being thrown into Cartel market.

I really wasn't expecting much from TFB NM. Honestly I think we should have had it awhile ago. TFB HM @ 55 I don't feel is scaled well. We need new content and they don't seem to be able to provide much beyond new stories on one new planet, which technically should have been free to subs.

It is concerning. Almost getting a STO vibe from TOR and I don't like that. STO is something I play when they finally add a bunch of new content cause it has very little endgame. If this is where TOR is going then they might as well just nuke the harsh restrictions on F2P and go all out. Which is sad...really sad.
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