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Hi guys,

Sorry about the troubles today, but we are actively working to get you all into the game and onto the servers you select.

First of all, we were having an issue earlier where the website was preventing moves if you had 12 characters on the destination, even if you had purchased character slots. That issue should be completely resolved, so if you have purchased additional character slots, you will be able to transfer characters up to that limit.

Next, we did have a problem early yesterday where if a transfer failed for any reason (most were due to having all the character slots full on the destination) the source character was being locked, which also locked the account. When that happened, you would get kicked back to server select each time you tried to log in with a maintenance message. We looked into that yesterday, found a problem, and fixed it.

However, it sounds like many of you are still having lockouts. Weve looked at the server logs for almost all the people who have posted since we put in the fix, and we know this is a different problem from the original one, but we dont have enough information yet to narrow down the problem.

If you are still having issues with logging into Australia servers after a failed transfer, can you give us the following information?
1. Can you try relaunching your client and connecting to the AU server?
2. When you connect to the server, do you get immediately kicked back to shard select? If so, is it the same maintenance error from earlier?
3. Did you try your first transfer early in the transfer process? Is there anyone who is having the lockout problem who didn't try a transfer shortly after they opened?
4. Can you post in a spoiler tag the contents of the most recent client log file (for default installations, its located in C:\Program Files (x86)\EA\BioWare\Star Wars - The Old Republic\swtor\retailclient\swtor\logs)

Thanks for the help, and well try to get you in and playing as soon as possible!
This still didn't answer my question about character slots. I have 12 with sub and 5 bought. I wish to move them to the chosen server. On the new server, I have no characters its a clean slate. Will all my characters transfer? If so will I be blocked from making more characters until I delete 6 of them or will I be able to buy more slots once transferred?