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06.05.2013 , 11:25 AM | #5742
Honestly, Bioware have annoyed me to no end and really put a downer on this game for me. I was happy with things exactly as they were (anyone who thinks the population was an issue, needs to actually think about the realities of trying to do the exact same PVE mission as upteen dozen other players at the same time and waiting for respawns).

Now I need to move servers where I have no guarantee of even being able to keep the same character names, have to try and find guild mates who may not (and probably wont) even be able to be tracked down because chances are their names have changed and my minimal lag is going to blow out like nobody's business. They're not even giving a shortlist of recommended servers to minimise lag (I currently only get about 20ms lag the vast bulk of the time) - meaning that if we get it wrong, then we have to keep paying until we find the ideal server.

Seriously, if the Aust population of players deserts like flies, it wont be because of demand, it will be because of crap like this. Way to crap all over customers who for the most part, were completely happy before this. Keep it up Bioware and at the rate you're going, you guys will be the inspiration to a sequel to the movie "How To Lose Friends and Alienate People".