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06.05.2013 , 06:59 AM | #1
It's just been way too long for something this large of an inconvenience to not have been fixed. Patch after patch after patch has sailed by without so much as a spoken word or acknowledgement by BW about this issue.

As a player who groups with 2 good friends in game, we often use my HK companion for extra DPS but companions stop respawning almost right away which means we have 3 possible choices right now:

1. Regroup, which fixes the issue for a few minutes.

2. Stop and pull out companion manually, which isn't helpful if we get attacked or draw aggro first.

3. Don't use a companion.

All 3 of these choices have draw backs that no player in SWTOR should be forced to deal with because the system should be working correctly and hasn't been for far too long.

Workarounds like the 3 mentioned above are meant to provide a potential solution until a bug is fixed, not used as an excuse not to have to fix a bug. Sure, there are far worse bugs in game, but few have lasted longer while being more irritating than this one nor encountered by group players more often.

Please address this issue.
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