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06.05.2013 , 12:11 AM | #513
Would still love for a reply.

1). EricMusco still needs to clarify on his post.
2). EricMusco still needs to communicate about 2.2

It would be very pathetic if we didn't receive a response by 6/6/2013, but hey, this is Star Wars: The Old Republic. We are used to not having any communication, and being ignored for 6 months straight.

Let's try to guess when we will see a Developer response, and let's guess what that response will be. Ok, I will start first: I expect a developer response after patch 2.2 launches(When people are angry) explaining why the bug fix for Revan wasn't implemented in the game, and then he will go on to clarify his post which will require more clarification.

Ok, as to what EricMusco will say, well... here we go:

"Hey everyone,
I am EricMusco(AKA: The Community Manager). What is really interesting is that we actually forgot about the bug fix for Revan's armor and it will make its way in patch 2.3!

You guys are very delicate customers, and we here at BioWare want to make sure you are well cared for, so I will share a secret with all of you *Whispers* ~I sure do like Revan's armor~