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That sounds good and all Eric but we would also love the idea to have the ability for a whole guild transfer as well. Sure if we do have a US guild already formed up and ready to go we could jump in and reform it but I think you guys are missing a flexible feature that is important for guild leaders transferring our guild bank and members from one server to another.

I would recommend wavering this and allow us to rebuild our guilds for free with four guild tabs and take it from there. However I know that it might not happen but worth a try on asking instead of leaving people high and dry if we do end up putting the requests in the coming few days just to make it occur.
I believe waiting for consolidation in 60 days, as long and perhaps annoying that will be, will automatically transfer our guilds as is said in the FAQ for previous Server CONSOLIDATION as opposed to transfer. Is this the case, Eric, do you know?
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