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06.04.2013 , 11:24 AM | #5608
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same thing. I transfered my character... went to login and my character isnt on the NEW server. i try to log back into master dar'nala and it says....

"Your characters on this server are currently unavailable due to maintenance. Please try again at a later time."
Insult to injury, eh? Kept in the dark, ignored for /months/ on end, and then, finally, handed a system that doesn't. even. work.

Edit: Cool, page sniper. Let me take a moment to say that it is embarrassing how poorly a company as massive as EA has managed to handle this. Instead of being sheepish or sympathetic about the plight of servers they killed, everyone at EA seems to treat APAC players like we're some great burden. No apologies, no straight talking, no messages sent to our inboxes telling us what's up, no consolation prize. Just a wham and bam.