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There are so many non-skimpy sets already in the game that I don't see the problem. If anything, you should be happy that they make people pay for skimpy outfits.

You haven't used any facts to support your claims.We have a few variations in colour of the dancer set and 2 versions of the relaxed set. That's not that much, especially considering the amount of other armour sets that have come out that are not skimpy at all.

Let's take the more recent regulator and enforcer packs as an example. It contains the following armor sets:

Carth Onasi
Darth Malak
Genteel Dress
Organa Loyalist
Organa Statesman
Recovered Hero
Relaxed Jumpsuit
Rist Stateman
The Last Handmaiden

How many of these do you consider skimpy? Sure only Relaxed can be considered skimpy at all. The rest is all nicely covering your characters up.

So please, use facts and don't twist what's really out there. As far as I can tell each pack series has maybe one skimpy set and the rest is not.

Isn't misrepresenting the truth against your morals?
Except that I seem to get three pieces of 'Relaxed' stuff to every one I get of another.
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