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The initial entry is dated 21359.75.512

He writes about the Sacking of Coruscant in an entry dated 21390.02.056. He mentions that event being two years previous in an entry dated 21392.38.748. So, I think it's safe to assume the first number is the year. Since what event, I don't know. I assume the formation of the Republic, and that lines up with the 25,000 years number from the time of the OT.

The second and third numbers remain a mystery to me. I can't see any real correlation between them and the Galactic Standard Calendar as we understand it now.

Gnost-Dural's first entry about the war, where he mentioned the attack on Korriban is dated 21363. So, if we assume that Satele is 18 in the Return cinematic, that makes her ~45 at the time of Threat of Peace and ~55 at the start of TOR itself.

Gnost-Dural mentions dropping out of hyperspace in orbit of Alderaan in his 21376.89.704 entry. He mentions seeing flares from successful guerilla attacks on Sith units on the surface (the end of the Hope trailer). That makes Satele roughly 31 in that particular trailer.
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