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Quote: Originally Posted by Vaidinah View Post
I don't have a Sniper, but what kinds of issues are you having with Calculated Pursuit? With my Gunslinger, this is the only issue that I noticed so far so I'm curious.
Beacuse I'm using an Engineering build I'm trying to use the advantage of this skill in my rotation. But despite of skill description somehow I don't find it working as intended. Maybe it's just me, but eventho I have a skill set for :
"You have a [100]% chance to gain Calculated Pursuit upon exiting cover, which reduces the energy cost of Overload Shot by 100% for 6 seconds. This effect cannot occur more than once every 20 seconds."
it DOESN'T proc every 26s !!

I've ran multiple tests, galacticaly unsophisticately simply tests:
1. Crouch
2. Move a step forward -> check if "Calculated pursuit" procced
3. rinse & repeat every 26s....

This skill is unreliable IMHO.....
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