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06.04.2013 , 01:43 AM | #1

I plan on hosting at least one of these a month. The prospects of both factions at the event are freaking awesome!

Check out the promotional video, and sign up on this thread. You don't have to mail credits, I just want to get an idea of who is going to be competing, and who wants to assist with the following:

-----I'll need a republic side marshall to advertise on fleet, direct the pub preliminaries and collect their creds.
-----I'll need a couple imperial pit-bosses to assist imp side.
-----I would like to see someone start a crafting vendor guild, to provide supplies to the fighters.(call it what you want)

Guys and Gals.....

...this event is going to be HUGE!

Date of tourney[not confirmed] might be june 15th or 16th.

Entry fee $75,000 creds

No holds barred (-meds/stims/adrenals/grenades) allowed.

The event will be streamed for the entire universe to see!

-----example: all sith warriors registered, will compete round robin for 1st/2nd/3rd. The same format will be applied to all other classes (agents/inquisitors/bountyhunters/jedi/smugglers/troopers/consular)

-----the three finalists from each class'/faction's preliminaries, will be then placed into a main event. The main event will be a random draw/single elimination round.

-----Payouts(will be huge), will go to 1st/2nd/3rd finalists of the main event.