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Yeah why not, the set bonus sucks for both by screwing with sustainability for Arsenal and being completely underwhelming as an attempt to bring Pyros DPS up.

The main change 2.0 did for Pyro was to eliminate it as the PVP branch.

It was always weaker than Arsenal in PVE so nothing changed there.

2.0 merely cemented Arsenal as the go-to branch for informed players looking for the most solid and best damaging spec whatever they were doing.

Pyro was potentially better at damage than Arsenal while the double 2 set bonus was stackable if other players could provide an armour debuff. Without the debuff Pyro is not nearly as competitive but of course damage is balanced around what you can do with others buffing you even though Arsenal does full damage solo.

That was something worth running it for considering the outright garbage PVE (and PVP) talents that Pyro gets.

So double 2 set for Pyro (2x 15% crit on Powershot) and old 4 set (15% crit on Tracer + 0 cost Railshot) for Arsenal would be a considerable quality of life boost to the BH DPS branches.

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