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But Honestly I'm not doing FP for gear anymore i just want Elite Comms because MK1 gear that vendor sell is better than Mk2 which you get from FP IMHO(-9Str,+20End)
Have you even looked at the epically bad itemization on the Mk-1 gear? Endurance/Str don't matter. The presence of *actual* tank stats do: shield, defense, and absorb. The Mk-1 gear has high endurance, low mitigation enhancements (for those enhancements that actually *have* tank stats rather than alacrity and accuracy) and high Endurance, low mitigation mods. The only way you're going to get the decent 69 enhs (Bastion and Bulwark; assuming you don't just use the crafted 66 Immunity and Sturdiness, which are *way* better) and the unlettered mods that you *do* want is to get the FP and Ops drop gear.

Commendation gear was explicitly *designed* to be substantially sub par. Acting as if you're better off with commendation gear is just deluded.
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