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JK is a good story, if you're looking for a "get to 50 and quit" storyline. It's ending leaves you going "Why do I need these other players now?"

Personally, I loved the Smuggler storyline more than JK or Trooper. Trooper wasn't bad, it just...well...I didn't care for being a soldier, storyline.

Consular haven't seen enough to judge.

JK storyline has the best Chapter 2 ending of the six classes I've seen to 50+ (Agent and Consular being the ones I haven't), and JK's Chapter 3 was great!

Trooper and Smuggler imo had terrible end of storyline bosses :/ But for Smuggler, that really was my only complaint. I also don't mind Smuggler not being THE EPIC storyline, I like the more personal storyline of Smuggler.
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