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One of our newish tanks is getting frustrated at the lack of drops with even token mitigation stats. Another guild member agreed stating that tank drops are few and far between. I haven't been paying attention, but shouldn't the drop rate be roughly 25%? The last four heavy pieces I remembered to look at had DPS stats.
It's the RNG God's trolling your tanks.

One of my guild's tanks was getting frustrated in the same regard. Ran a dozen flashpoints without a single drop.... When my tank hit 55? I ran 3 HM FPs, and got 5 Black Market tank drops, and only ONE of them had alacrity/accuracy in the enhancement....

It's all random.

One thing that WOULD be nice... is if the code was smart enough to drop gear based on selected role in the flashpoint....

i.e. - You are a Jedi Guardian and you queued for a FP as a tank. The queue pops, and you get paired with a Scoundrel healer, Commando DPS, and a Gunslinger DPS..... The two black market drops from the flashpoint? Black Market Pummeler.

NO ONE in that flashpoint can use that gear. Sure there is a guardian, but he's queued as a Tank. Shouldn't the drops, be somewhat according to what role the classes chose?

(granted, that would make gearing for offspec a little more difficult, but at a reasonable tradeoff I think.)
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