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Now, anyone who knows me well, knows I'm not a QQ'er. I defend the mercenaries as far as I can from the QQ'ers. However I feel this is a case worth looking into.

I don't want just simply to revert to the old eliminator set bonus, since this will hurt pyro spec and both specs should benefit from a set bonus. But this change did in fact hurt Arsenal and we were never anywhere near OP in the first place. There should be another way to balance arsenal with pyro without nerfing arsenal. Adding 8% rail shot damage in place of -8 heat cost is a nerf, plain and simple, not a huge one, but a slight one. I think adding this 8% boost for Pyros in the skill tree instead of set bonus would be a fair request...or vice versa, or even give both to arsenal...

If you could bring it back, I think most of us would be much happier it's a QoL issue and we could use a little love in that department.

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So double 2 set for Pyro (2x 15% crit on Powershot) and old 4 set (15% crit on Tracer + 0 cost Railshot) for Arsenal would be a considerable quality of life boost to the BH DPS branches.
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Also could we please get an actual offensive cooldown? Why is Battle Focus/Explosive Fuel not a baseline trooper/bounty hunter ability?
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Why not have 2set give 15% TM crit and lower RS cost by X amount and keep the 8% RS boost for 4set. Would be more in line with the set bonus boosts marauders & snipers got. (play all 3)
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It is really more fun to play with the old bonus, just because it feels like the rotation itselfs works. I am not that interested in more dps, but in the old feeling of arsenal merc.

Berhaps BW could introduce an cylinder dependend 4er bonus (with a kind of buff or something), which gives 0 heat costs for high velocity cylinder and 8% more dmg for the combustible gas cylinder. This would solves all problems xD

And plz dont forget to fix the upgraded arsenal nerf. And thx alot odawgg for carring the mandolarian flag for us!