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The Merc: Slice the local holonet to locate the target. Identify patterns of activity (or inactivity). If target may be caught unawares employ low-yield concussion missile, retrieve unconscious target. If simple extraction is unfeasible, send in Blizz or Skadge to cause a ruckus (most beings can't stand Jawas or Houks, I think it's the smell) and follow up with supporting fire and Kolto applications as needed until opposition is neutralized and the target is in a more submissive state. Compensate local establishment for damages incurred.

The Pyro: Slice the local holonet to locate the target. Travel to targets location. At first of opposition begin torching/freezing/blasting all obstacles until the target is apprehended, trust that Mako will keep up. Compensate local establishment for damages, long as they don't give any lip.
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