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Highly subjective, obviously.


Agent - Female. I've pretty much been in love with Jo Wyatt's voice since Dragon Age II. The British accent she uses while doing the agent is really nice, and I just love how during certain conversations in Chapter 2, she just switches between Imperial and Republic dialects on the fly.

Bounty Hunter - Equal. I haven't played the BH too much to form an opinion yet. I like them both.

Inquisitor - Male. Not that Xanthe Elbrick is bad, but some of her deliveries are somewhat more awkward than Euan Morton's. Doesn't mean either of them can be equally psychotic, and that's what I love about this class.

Warrior - Equal. Mark Bazeley and Natasha Little both do a great job in this, but if I had to choose, I'd probably go male a bit more. I've finished the story as a male and am currently replaying it as a female, so we'll see if I'll let Ms. Little's charms work on me as they do on Quinn.


Knight - Female. I just like Kari Wahlgren too much to refuse her. I so far played the Knight story three times, twice as a female and once as a male. That is not to say that David Hayter is bad, but he does sound a bit too calm in my opinion at times.

Consular - Equal (None?). The Consular is pretty much the class I have neglected the most in my entire time playing this game. Both Nolan North and Athena Karkanis sound OK in their performances, but they simply lack depth from what I have seen so far. I'd probably go with male on this one.

Smuggler - Female. Kath Soucie just nails this so perfectly. All those snide, cocky comments she makes are what made me love the story so much. She's just boasting such confidence despite having no idea whatsover of what she's doing that it's just a joy to listen to her. I have a male Smuggler planned for a future playthrough, but what I've heard of Maury Sterling just seems to stereotypic in terms of performance.

Trooper - Female. Seriously, it's Jennifer Hale. How could anyone not pick her? Only thing I've heard so far of Brian Bloom's male Trooper performance that's better than Hale's is his "For the Republic!" cry. Hale only did that one well during the Trooper Trailer, but in-game it really lacks energy.
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