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06.03.2013 , 02:01 PM | #5
These are my preferences...

SW - Like both equally.
SI - Like both equally, maybe slightly prefer male.
IA - Male. His voice is the sexiness. lol.
BH - Female. Male voice sounds so cartoony to me.

JK - Female. Male voice is...odd to me for some reason.
JC - Like both equally, slightly prefer male perhaps. Female voice feels lifeless sometimes.
Smug - Male. Once I figured out the fem Smug's voice is Phil and Lil from the Rugrats, that's all I hear and think of now. =X
Trooper - Male. Female voice = fem Shep. All I can think of. =X
Melusine - Shadow / Xephřr - Vanguard / Aedhan - Gunslinger / Parthalan - Guardian
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