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My personal thought on this is the seeker droid and binocular quests take FAR to much time to complete. I think it took me about 3 maybe 4 hours to do it all with very little interruption or breaks. It was completely asinine in the length of time it took, the heroic's didn't bother me, thought maybe a heroic 2 would have been a better choice.

Now I don't even bother doing the quest on my alts due to the insane amount of time it takes.
This even if it was just a herioc 2 it would be fine. My friend and I got almost to the end of the binocular quest only to find out "oh even though we can kill everything we can't push enough buttons to complete it. Thats just stupid (yes I realize I should've prolly looked before I started but I really like to try something before defaulting to a guide).