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Bounty Hunters, you have a tip that your latest mark is on Quesh. How will you take them out?
First they would need to be picked up in a stylish ride and nothing says "bad boy" style like a boosted Sith Lord's Fury. We would start the night with a jump to a formal ball on Alderaan where she can show the nobles what beauty and grace actually mean.

After that we would need to take in some real music played with feeling and emoption; and nothing says powerful feelings like a dive bar on Nar Shaddaa. We would have a few drinks, grind to the music and make a little noise.

The pumped up primal thrashing may be fun for a moment but it can be hard to hold an actaul conversation for the after care. This would require a trip to Voss for a bath, first aid and a light meal.

And finally, a slow trip back to Quesh and a promise to call her in the morning.
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