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06.03.2013 , 10:05 AM | #13
For dps, this 55 hms are much much forgiving gear wise than for tanks and healers. The latter, if both in campaing gear, will mean a cautious play. But for dps campaing feels like facerolling in comparisson.

I once healed mando raiders with 1 dps in Rakata/Columi and the other with Columi and a Tionese weapon. Bonus boss enraged at 2% or 3% but we made it. Last boss was not a problem at all. They clearly knew what they were doing, but that's the thing, the gear requirements are not high for dps.

Anyway, I would say just campaing gear with 66s mainhand and offhand (really cheap on the GTN) will make these flashpoints a breeze for average players