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A few days ago, I'm on my Commando healer alt. Cademimu HM pops up. Tank is a Guardian and there are 2 Gunslingers. At the very first pull I hardly keep the tank alive and the mobs die just when we were about to wipe. Tank is either a very new player or he's main is a dps and he's on his alt. He leaps onto one mob, doesn't taunts anything, stays on that mob while the rest of the mobs slaughter the rest of us.

The second pull, the same. We barely survive. One of the gunslingers warn him to use his taunt and attack multiple targets to get aggro. We continue and not much changes. There are long pauses between trash pulls, so I assume one of the dps guys is /whisper'ing him what to do.

At some point one of the Gunslingers says he has to drop. A Vanguard dps joins. I love the class, I have one myself, very fun to play. He comes and sadly at the first pull I see that he's one of those Vanguards who think they are ranged dps. Mortar Volley, Sticky Grenade, Full Auto and his basic phew phew. Nothing else.

Then later the other Gunslinger also drops. I seriously begin to worry. A Guardian dps joins. Apparently he's a tank and he's now trying his dps offspec. Always leaps first and pulls the mobs before tank, even uses his taunts.

So after a couple of wipes, we finish the fp with a Guardian tank who thinks he's a dps, a Guardian dps who thinks he's a tank and a Vanguard dps who thinks he's ranged.

For me it was really something to remember.
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