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I started in the basic planetary comm gear you can upgrade to at 50 from the Makeb vendor on my Jugg dps, as well as 3 partisan pieces which were easy to save up for while leveling (2x implants + earpiece), and a campaign saber. I was killing things faster than the sniper with better gear I ran in to on my first 55 HM.

People seem to think you absolutely must have 66 mods or xyz slots of whatever item rating...

Honestly, if you have planetary comm gear, and you KNOW YOUR CLASS, you will be perfectly FINE. A little bit of intelligence goes a long way and can in many ways compensate SOMEWHAT for a lack of gear.

I'd rather have the Assassin DPS in Makeb greens (lol) who goes weak -> strong, and has perfected his rotation, than the Sorc in super duper epic gear that focuses elites and uses Force Storm on one mob.

Competence at class >gear.
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