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Ok.. first, if I seam overly critical IM NOT, but the critical perspective is the one I read it from.

In fact I think this may be the beginning, the very good beginning. of a true Scoundrel dps guide. I've read many of your posts this past year and you seam very knowledgeable about our class.
tyvm for saying, and don't worry, this is exactly the kind of post i'm looking for

The order of points are cronological, from start to end, with some general points and suggestions at the end:

* I think you will catch heat from some of your readers for listing the different skills, I'm not one of them. I think it's awsome to have them written out in a guide. I also really like the (*) commentary you've added. I would have liked this part of the list expanded with more of your own thoughts on the skill. For instance for "Flurry of Bolts" you might describe your take on it with (guessing) "I use it when >60 energy or when I'm running toward the target/boss".
i'll have a look about adding that in.

i did not want to make it too bloated, but i will add a quick comment for each.

* I'm a total sucker for descriptions and opinions on talent trees and their individual talents. I think this might be a personal thing for me, but I would have loved a more in depth rational from you about which and why you take certain talents.
this is something i wanted some feedback on before i got into it too much, but i agree. i think i even said 'i'll get more in depth with this later' and just haven't gotten around to it.

maybe that discussion won't happen until i do that first though.

* One thing I didn't understand is under "Sucker Punch", Up from 10 before 2.0. What is up 10 from before 2.0?
ah, the energy cost is 15 now (up from 10)

i'll explain that a bit more clearly

* Your Protips are awsome and should proliferate throughout the guide!
haha thank you!
i thought they were a nice touch. i am trying to find a way to make them stand out without seeming obtrusive. maybe i'll do them in a different color? or maybe under a spoiler or in [quote]

* Your Opener/Rotation part of the guide was a bit hard to digest for me. Not sure why because it's pretty familiar language for me. One thing I can point to is that you refer to a "Normal rotation" here and there which I can't find defined in the text. What is your "Normal rotation"? I'm also contemplating whether to suggest you put a "Normal rotaion" section before the "Opener" section or not as a more general rotation startpoint.
yes i was worrying about this a lot.

i put 'you can try this simpler opener at the end' but maybe i should put the simple openever first, the complex opener in a completely separate section at the end for people to try to practice?
also i can probably lighten the specificity of the complex opener, since i suppose it does need to be so complex. i'll just talk about the blocks and stress about keeping the other mechanics in mind (sucker punch at 2 stacks, blaster whip at 0 or 1, try to use shoot first at 0 or 1 as well, etc.)

normal rotation is just the single-target/boss fight and aoe-add phases. i'll add a better title to make that more clear (and probably add some more explanation into those sections)

* What I miss and would like to see you write about is a practical application of your ideas from a Bossfight perspective. What I mean is ok so I've read your guide and I'm getting pumped and wanna go out there and shot things in the head with my scattergun, how does your ideas play out in a live situation. I'm thinking a section were you describe what you do and why in different stages of the fight, when do you use XS, when do you use X rotation and so on. You can perhaps think of a better exampel, but Kephess Denova would be interesting with all the different mechanics.
i will get to work on that. this is the kind of feedback i was looking for (what i was missing from the guide)

* A general point is that I didn't get quite a sense for who you write for, is it for the total beginner, is it for hardcore endgamer? As it is now, I feel it's a bit of both. That's not a bad thing, but it would have helped me if you wrote something in the disclaimer about who you intend it for.
i think i intended it to be like a 'scoundrel dps for dummies' you know how they have the tagline 'and a reference for the rest of us!'

i can easily add that into the top with all the disclaimers.

Thanks again for taking the time, heroes step in to the light!

Arcumard, TOFN
not a problem, glad you think it's on the right track.
Quote: Originally Posted by JSunrider View Post
I've been thinking about switching out of my Sawbones--I hate healing--and into this spec. This is a great starting point for me to give it a try, so thank you.

After I make the switch today and get in some reps on what you have provided, I'm going to pester you about what this "normal rotation" is. Based on what you have written, the priority system seems daunting.

EDIT: wait, I think I see it. "Normal Rotation" is what you are covering in the Single Target/Boss Fights section, right?
yes, that's exactly right (i will flesh this out a bit more, don't worry)

and please, fire away. hopefully i can make this guide really approachable for beginners and flesh out a lot of complex mechanics from veterans of the spec.

thanks for the feedback, guys. i'll get working on some of the improvements soon.