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Jedi Shadow Tank and I wear the exemplar gear from the basic commendation vendor (and yes, it's willpower gear since I'm a consular). When I queue up for group finder, I only check off tank.

While I am new at tanking, and I'm still learning, I feel I get the gist of it and I do it well enough. However, that doesn't even come in to play because people bounce out of the game before the see how well/poorly I play my role.
What it comes down to is people are seeing a poorly geared (not under geared) Shadow tank. A good Shadow that knows the instance can make the run a breeze (although is still very spiky) but a bad Shadow or a Shadow that hasn't done it before can make it painful and cause major repair bills. As a result, players are prone to just dropping group before even trying when they see that.

As a side note, I assume you've read the tank gearing guides around the forums and have made sure you only use Enhancements with Shield and not with Accuracy or Alacrity on them. If you have alacrity on any of your gear as a tank people will just assume you have no idea what you're doing and may drop group. Accuracy is equally useless but is less likely to cause people to just leave.

Otherwise you may have just had a string of bad luck.
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