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You failed to explain -why- you don't like them. If you are at the top, just moments before your death, you are wrong. If you are at the top while still executing all of your other role responsibilities correctly, you are doing it right.

More importantly though, I want them not for payer comparison, but rather for my own personal comparisons of different dps rotations to see what is optimal for my character. I just find it hard to believe that assassins are viable dps just by spamming maul, which is what most people are saying.
I don't like them because of how some people use them to yell at others and put them down, it's a little upsetting, and in a raid that makes it bad for moral. To answer the other question, I'm at the top without dying and doing my role correctly, I don't tend to make a mistake in a raid or a dungeon, unless some obnoxious roommates of mine decide to barge in and talking to me, that is the only time I make mistakes, because I get distracted, but if you want it just for your personal usage and not use it to yell at others or chew them out, then I'm ok with that reasoning, I just don't like elitists and their nature of using the damage meter.
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