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06.02.2013 , 04:27 AM | #4
Your gear level sounds fine. Either people are being elitist jerks (entirely possible) or there's something else wrong.

What's your class and specialization? Do you queue only as your chosen role, or do you leave it as heal/damage or tank/damage? Do you know your responsibilities in that role and feel you perform them reasonably?

What are your stats? Post the ones in the upper left of the character sheet, plus, if you're a tank, the ones in the defense tab, and if you're dps or heal, the ones in either the melee & force tabs (if you're a force using class, i.e. any sort of jedi or sith) or in the ranged & tech tabs (if you're not a force using class).

If you keep asking questions and getting no response, here's another strategy: Tell them once you're new to this flashpoint. Then if they want to tell you anything, great, and if not, they know your situation.

If it makes you more comfortable, you can read up on the four flashpoints over at (they were the top 4 hits when I did a google search for dulfy 55 hardmode). Hopefully this is the info you'd be asking questions about anyway.

You could also look for a guild that's looking for newer, less experienced players. Guild members who know they're helping you out so they'll have a more experienced guild member for later are much more willing to answer questions usually.