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This is a really good solution for doing the Heroics on the various planets.

For Flashpoints there is actually a better way.

It is called the Group Finder (GF). (It is better, but takes some explaining. Hope you're sitting down .)

On your minimap, in the top-left corner, there is a little icon that has "3 little people" on it. When you click on this icon, the Group Finder (GF) interface will open.

The GF interface will list all the Flashpoints that are in your level range. They are all selected by default and if you leave the default settings, the first Flashpoint you do on a day using the GF will reward you with 5 extra Planetary Commendations (known as the GF Daily). You are however free to deselect any of the active Flashpoints that don't interest you (for example, after you have done the GF Daily).

The GF interface will also allow you to choose your role, by checking or un-checking one of the options in the top left corner. If you are a "Tank", select the "Tank" role, if you are a "Damage Dealer" choose that and finally if you are a "Healer" choose that.

NOTE: Just because your class can fullfill 2 of the 3 listed roles, it is not considered good form to select both roles because the likely hood that you will end up in the role that you are not specialized in is pretty high (for example: if you are playing a Vanguard, you will be able to choose to play as a "Tank" and "Damage Dealer" *but* if all your gear and Talent points are oriented towards "Damage Dealing" don't select the "Tank" role as normally that will cause more problems than it solves as you will most likely be placed in a group as the "Tank" and you will not be prepared for that role).

Once you have selected which Flashpoint you want and the "role" you want/can fulfill, click the "Join Queue" button.

Depending on the role you chose your wait time will vary. As a "Tank" you will generally be assigned a group almost immediately (NOTE: Don't be tempted to choose this role just because it will get you a quicker group if you are not really a tank). As a "Healer" you might have to wait a minute or two for a group to be found (again, don't be tempted to select this role to avoid a long wait unless you are really a healer). As a "Damage Dealer" you will experience a longer wait, depending on the time of day and the number of "Tanks"/"Healers" queueing up at the same time as you.

TIP: As a "Damage Dealer" I normally queue up using the GF and then continue to quest normally. That way the wait for a group is not really noticed and always comes as a pleasant surprise.

Once the GF finds a group for you, a message will appear in the middle of your screen listing the 4 players that were found to participate in the group. You are given 2 minutes to either click on the "Ready" button indicating that you are ready, or to click on the "Decline" button to refuse the invite. If you don't make a choice during those 2 minutes, your invite will expire and you will be removed from the GF queue. If you choose the "Decline" button you will be removed from the group and the GF queue. If someone else clicks on the "Decline" button, or doesn't make a choice during the 2 minute interval, the group will be cancelled and you will be placed back in the GF queue (at a higher priority) to wait for another group.

Once everyone has clicked on "Ready", a message will flash on the screen indicating which Flashpoint was selected for your group and a "Travel" dialog will be displayed in the middle of your screen. You can choose to "Travel Now" or "Travel Later". Normally you will want to click on "Travel Now", but if you are in the middle of something you can click on the "Travel Later" option to dismiss the dialog. When you are ready to travel, simply click on the GF icon on your minimap (the icon with "people" on it) and you will again be presented with the "Travel" dialog and can click on "Travel Now".

Once you have clicked on "Travel Now", you will be automatically transported into the Flashpoint that was selected for your group. Once inside the Flashpoint you will notice that all of your party members (and you) will have a little icon under their portrait. These are the "role icons" and indicate which role was assigned to which player. The "role" icons are as follows:
Purple Shield = Tank (expected to take damage from the enemies)
Green Up-Arrow = Healer (expected to heal the party members)
Red Star = Damage Dealer (expected to kill the enemies).

Once the Flashpoint is over, you can exit it. Some Flashpoints have an obvious "exit" (a green portal near the last boss) but others do not. For those Flashpoints that don't have an obvious "exit" you can click on the "Exit Area" button that will have appeared above your minimap when you entered the Flashpoint. Independantly of what method you use to exit the Flashpoint, (and as long as you have killed at least one boss), you will prompted as to whether you want to "Return to Previous Location" or whether you want to "Exit Normally". If you choose "Exit Normally" you will exit the Flashpoint at its normal exit point (normally your Faction's Fleet). If you choose "Previous Location" you will be transported to the location you were at when you first entered the Flashpoint (by clicking on the "Travel Now" button). If you didn't kill any boss, exiting the Flashpoint will always return you to your "Previous Location".

TIP: You can use the GF by yourself or in a group. When in a group, only the Group Leader can click on the "Join Queue" button in the GF.

Enjoy using the GF to do Flashpoints.

(I know I do . It is a great way to augment your XP gain, and as a Damage Dealer I enjoy the fact that I can keep questing while the GF finds me a group .)

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