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This is what I am worried about, does the higher ping afffect the game at all?
What about PVP, surely it is a disadvantage there.
I have been playing on The Harbinger from time to time. I live in New Zealand and my latency normally sits between 150ms to 250ms. Gameplay is fine, even pvp. Been managing to hold my own. Your latency depends on a number of things. I know I am close to the exchange where I live so seem to get better ms ratings than some of my guildies.

From past experience with other mmos that only have servers in the US I've played with latency of 300 to 400ms and was still able to be effective in my role in raids. So speeds of 150 to 250ms should not be an issue.

Personally I would've preferred that BW tried to run one super server for us, but the cost vs profit of doing such a thing was probably not worth it. So what's done is done. I'm glad we know it is happening, and that it is happening soon. Will allow me to get things moving with my guild.

Someone asked a few questions regarding the transfers and how it will affect guilds, legacies etc. Don't know how they're handling guilds, but from memory when we transferred to the APAC servers last year the highest level legacy would remain on the destination server if you had more than one legacy. But of course I'm just guessing that is what will happen. Hopefully Eric will come back with some more specifics regarding this as I'd like to know as well, due to being the GM of Valorous.
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