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You are forgetting something. Our guildie was at a final stage for macrobinoculars. He asked for help, and three of us stepped in, even though we did NOT have the quest at that stage. (I didn't even pick up the binoculars on that particular character). As soon as the person who has the quest steps into the instance, any other 3 can join him. It's actually really easy to get this quest done if you have friends.
Which does nothing for people who play at off times, or who just aren't around when the bulk of the other people are. I work 3rd shift and have yet to get any of the Heroic quests done to finish these up, and I have 4 toons waiting for the Heroics now. No one, and I mean literally No One, is interested in doing these quests at 9am EST.
It's bad enough that I had to sit and click the ground for over an hour to get the stupid seed on Hoth, on just one toon. Same issue for each toon at multiple locations. Haven't seen anything but a few green mods or gray vendor trash yet.
Coupled with the horrible implementation of the seeker mechanic and it's user unfriendly usage, this might actually be the straw that breaks the camel's back for me. Which is a shame, because I love SW, have since I was a kid. I anxiously awaited the game, I've been patient as they tried new things, but this is just a time waster that I am unable to even finish...