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Thank you for making this thread. I have been playing a scrapper scoundrel in pve since launch and I just don't have the patience to explain the spec to other people. It is not a cookie-cutter rotation like balance sages so when people ask to quickly explain it I run away. Hopefully all the players who say we are low on dps will read this and learn from it. I parse quite high and if Bioware were to give us a buff, we would be so OP.
hey, thanks for the reply.

i was worried about the lack of response. was it too confusing? did i not explain everything i needed to?
i figured that even if it were awful, someone would have at least said so, so i was mostly worried that no one really cared at all about scoundrel pve dps.

i'm really hoping that isn't the case though. i'd rather i just did a terrible job than there be literally no interest in scoundrel dps.

and you're right though. it's actually very complex. i didn't even realize how much so until i started writing it all down.

as an aside, i've cleaned up a bit of the formatting and fleshed out a bit of the explanations. i'll probably do some more formating changes later this weekend.