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And make even more mistakes yourself.

- Both of you fail to understand the difference between melee special attacks and melee basic attack

- Bosses do have 10% defense chance. This is why even melee special attacks with 100% base accuracy do not always hit unless you increase your melee accuracy to 100% which gives 110% special attack accuracy.
The basic attack (saber strike/assault/strike) can still be parried at this point but not worth overstacking accuracy for just one attack.
Thanks for clearing things up

Been a tank myself since lvl 44 (that makes early January 2012) and have only read alot about the offensive stats, not been able to test them properly myself.
Sorry for spreading misinformation (at least some) and hope this post then made it all clear.

My point was still correct tho, even if the reason was abit off

Stack accuracy till you got 100%-110% (either Melee-special melee/Force for force-users or Ranged-special ranged/Tech for the non-force users)