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i assume you are talking about the original movie and it might not have had the wonderful special effects it was and is a great movie driven by the characters and not the special effects..

people who grew up during the first release (I was born in the spring of 70) can probably still remember their first glimpse of "what a piece of junk" that was the true centre piece of this movie and the character that set the stage for all the rest.

sure it had in a way some terrible costumes (the wookie outfit looks silly seen now and is almost as bad as the old horror movie with a man in a bad gorilla outfit) but it became a mainstay in a way of culture that spawned the prequel and millions of dollars worth of games and toys for all ages.

though the movie may seem dated i will say no and always that i still love that movie and the characters that grew to become much more than one movie before it ever had (still unsure how many times it showed on return visits before it stopped being the the theatre)

bad movie or good movie no matter how you look at it is changed a lot.