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Tales of the never heal anyone else than ended the last one with 4 medals before the ending, how is it possible for a healer NOT to have th full 8 at least from healing?

You often does not buff yourself after dying.

You try, as a healer spec, to facetank 2-6 opponents at an enemy turret alone...damn...

Take a look at Youtube, and get some pointers from there.

I like that you produce videos man, i really commend that but you need to train and learn som more gameplay mate.

Keep practicing though
That match I did wind up getting a couple of heals off...I think. My teammates kept dying before I could do anything more, like cast the big, slow heal on them, or even the quick heal. Additionally, my Sage is DPS spec (0/10/0). When my monthly cartel coins come in, I'm buying her personal field respec perk.

Yeah, that last match I was pretty awful. I'm usually not that awful - I usually opt for a slightly less flagrant flavor of badness...but last night I was. It also hurts that before this, I hadn't played my Sage for like 4 months.

And backpedaling ftw, indeed I keep trying to break myself of that habit and keep failing miserably.

I can't pitch good games all the time folks. I just hope this one was entertaining and made you giggle a little. I've never presumed to be a good PvP player, and I'm not about to start now. Especially with all the time I take off from the game. But, you're right to correct me and point out the fact that this match I sucked hard. I'll do better from now on guys - thanks for the critiques.
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