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Probably the moment that sums it up the whole disconnect between character and story and gameplay was one scene in Nar Shadda when the Hunter breaks into an office murders everyone there and then can spare the last survivor say "What do you think I am, a psychopath?" I actually began to wonder if that was intentional.

I get that maybe Lightside might mean different things for an Empire character than it would a Republic one but Why would MAko and a Lightside Hunter have any sort of moral standards when they thoughtlessly kill hundreds of others every day? The ones that either of them do want to spare seem totally arbitrary in the end.
Have you ever played a Light Side anything? This is how every mission goes:
  1. Kill 200-300 soldiers, lackeys, subordinates, mind-controlled allies, confused pets, etc.
  2. Confront the mastermind.
  3. Beat him to 1 health point so he drops to his knees and grows a green triangle out of his head.
  4. Spare his life to show you are Light Side.

The BH story is no different in this manner.

If it upsets you sufficiently you can refuse to attack anyone until they've beaten you to < 50% of your Health. Then you can react in self-defense. Bonus LS points for spending the time pre-50% attempting to negotiate with "Eidolon Security Overseer" via /say to put down his weapons and surrender.