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Thank you for the update Eric =)

I've slowly been following this thread and relaying information back to guildies who do not visit the forum however the lack of information on the transfers seems to be making a few nervous about what to expect and how they will work.

Will we be able to get a separate thread with information answering player questions before the free transfers/merge start Eric or will we be moving over blind, finding out that using the Free Transfer Option didn't move over the guild with my GM character and loosing all the resources/credits/tabs that we have invested in?

I have a few questions, if you could take the time to find and give the answers I'd be very thankful.

- Will players that transfer/merge will keep their character name if the character on the server they are being moved to is inactive. EG: a low level alt that hasn't been played in months, someone that has quit the game and hasn't returned in so many long months and so on.
- If a player that is the GM of a guild decides to use the Free Transfer before the actual merge, does the Guild and the Guild Bank move with them? Or does the GM of a guild have to wait for the merge to keep their Guild and Guild Bank?
- Do people stay in the guild when moved with the Transfer or with the Merge?
- Are servers, mainly the Harbinger, capable of taking on the influx of people. I ask this due to the talk of it being the most unstable server.
- If you decide to transfer your characters half to one server and half to another server (half to a pvp server and half to a pve server for example) do they keep their legacy level/unlocks/reputation on both servers or do they only get to keep their legacy on one of the servers they choose?

Thanks for your time.
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